Ten Facts about Lu

1. Lu is short for Lulu, which is the nickname I was given when I was 7 years old. To this day, when my mother calls me Leslie I’m pretty sure it’s because I haven’t cleaned my room. It is what people on the internet have called me since my days in the AOL MPAW message board.

2. I blog about books and my life. Eventually, if I get my act together, I’ll blog about crafts again. Like most bloggers these days, I’m trying really hard to find the balance between blogging and life and the content I want to post about. I am not always successful and sometimes this blog sits quite for a few weeks at a time.

3. I work in the sales department at a large, independent publishing house in NY. How I got here was a magical convergence of events in the universe that involved Twitter. I’m very grateful and I love my job. I don’t review books in any way affiliated with our business. If I do talk about them in any public forum, I make sure I’m very clear about the fact that it is a Work Book.

4. One day I’d like to write a book. Or a book of poetry. I should get started on that.

5. Sometimes I listen to music.

6. I often crochet.

7. I speak Spanish, but not as well as I did yesterday. I need to find someone to speak Spanish to!

8. I started this blog in the winter of 2008. I was a sophomore in college. Now I’m a proper grown-up with a full-time job.

9. I read all sorts of things. I will read anything once, mostly because I am the queen of not finishing a book. If a book isn’t doin it for me, I just stop reading and move on. I used to feel guilty about this. Now I don’t.

10. The etymology of ruminate gave me a minor mid-blog-life crisis, but I quickly got over it.

This is a very recent picture of me.

This is a very recent picture of me.